Top Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe if buy likes/followers... at BestCheapLikes?

Yes, it is safe and we guarantee it. We are expecting in social marketing with 8 years experience. The method we use is approved by social network sites and by terms of conditions and guidelines. We don’t use any Bot generated methods to bring likes/followers/views/comments.

How to can one buy a bigger package that has not in BestCheapLikes?

Please contact us and let us know the number of likes/followers which you need. We respond quickly.

When will my order be processed?

Orders are processed immediately, but we do also perform a manual check of every order placed. This typically happens within 12 hours of your order being placed. This manual check is a security measure to protect our clients and to make sure every transaction is legitimate.

How to can know BestCheapLikes received your payment?

We will send you an email confirm information to your email id which you use to do payment when we update your orders. If you want to sure, you can go to form contact and send us a message.

Are the likes/followers/views/comments added from unique and different IP addresses?

Yes, the likes/followers/views/comments are added from unique and different IP addresses.

Are they really likes/followers/views/comments?

Yes, they are real humans with verified profiles, addresses, phone numbers, and profiles.