Payment Guide

After put the order, please make a payment to our bank account below. You can use (1.*), (2.*), or other Bank Transfers (3.*) to pay. Your order will be processed within 6 hours after the funds have cleared in our account.

Note: Please put your Order Number while making payment.

1.* Skrill (Recommended)

  • In case you already have Skrill account, you can send money directly to my Skrill account
  • If you don’t have an account, you can also use Skrill’s Money Transfer (Credit Card, Debit Card) to make a payment after registering.

1.1 Skrill to Skrill

  • STEP 1: Register and Verify your Skrill account at
  • STEP 2: Deposit to your account by using your Credit or debit card
  • STEP 3: Send Skrill to Skrill. Our Skrill account:

Recommended: The payment is instantly arrived.

1.2 Skrill’s Money Transfer (using Credit/Debit Card)

  • STEP 1: Register and Verify your Skrill account at
  • STEP 2: Login to your Skrill account. Select Transfer > International money transfer Skrill Money Transfer. Or link:
  • STEP 3: Select the currency above is your currency, below is VND


  • STEP 4: Fullfill your information
  • STEP 5: After you enter Driver's license number. Then please choose: “SEND TO SOMEONE ELSE"

Recipient Details:

  • First Name: THAI DUONG
  • Last name: LE
  • Purpose of remittance: Payment of Property Rental
  • City: Hue
  • Street: 14/104 Kim Long
  • Bank: Asia Commercial Bank (ACB)
  • Bank Detail: VIETNAM
  • Account number: 16839497
  • Swift Code: ASCBVNVX


STEP 6: And follow the next steps on the web to finish your transaction.


2.* WISE (Recommended)

Send to our VND account

STEP 1: After login, tab on Send money

STEP 2: Select fund source: An account outside Wise or A Wise balance

STEP 3: You send: choose your currency and Amount, Recipient gets: VND

STEP 4: Send to someone else

Their email:

Bank details

  • Full name of the account holder: NGUYEN THI LAN HUONG
  • Bank code (BIC/SWIFT): Asia Commercial Bank (ACB)
  • Account number: 21426527


  • Country: Vietnam
  • City: Quang Nam
  • Address: Phuoc Binh, Son Vien, Nong Son
  • Post Code: 560000

STEP 5: And follow the next steps on the web to finish your transaction.


3.* Wire/Bank Transfer

Beneficiary Bank

Name: Asia Commercial Bank

Address: 442 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Dictrict 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Swift code: ASCBVNVX

Beneficiary Account

Account name: BAO NGUYEN

Account number: 21566627