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How to create a YouTube Community Post in 2021

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Keeping a close relationship with their audience, increasing the connection with them is extremely necessary thing for any content creators in order to grow their channel. That’s why YouTube has created Community Posts to help every YouTubers get closer to their audience. Instead of just uploading Videos, now they can post images to their YouTube channel, or create polls to increase interaction with the audience, or post and share an old video of the channel. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to use the Community Tab on YouTube effectively. The following article will explain to you the simple concept of YouTube Community post, the conditions to use it in order to grow your YouTube channel.

YouTube Community Posts
YouTube Community Posts (Source: YouTube Creator Academy)

1. What are YouTube Community Posts:

YouTube community posts are a tool to help you interact closer with users besides interacting through videos. It’s aiming to achieve a similar platform like Instagram where we can post and read stories and post.

After creating a post, you can respond to your audiences by commenting, clicking/tapping the like icon, and voting on polls. Community posts are only visible on the Community tab of the creator’s channel. Reply to post in community help more upvotes more views will definitely grow your subscribers. However, the condition to be able to create a community post is that your YouTube channel must own over 10,000 subs. Otherwise, you can only use the discussion tab feature on your channel. It will take up to 1 week to see the Community tab after passing 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube Community Post

2. How does Community Post grow your channel?

The good thing about this feature is that you are free to use it however you want, and there are many other ways to interact with your audience such as:

  • Get involved in your own community: Consult with your audience on what content you should produce in your next video. They will be very happy if their opinion is taken care of and also thanks to them you can accumulate a lot of good ideas for later. You can even create polls.
Create poll in Youtube Community Post1
Create poll in YouTube Community Post
  • Get your audience to follow in your footsteps: Post a photo (perhaps an animated GIF) that teases what’s coming to your channel. This is quite interesting because it can help you keep viewers’ curiosity before you post the video, especially when your video takes a long time to complete.
Ariana Upcoming Song upload
Ariana Upcoming Song upload
  • Increase reach: You can cross-promote and share videos from other channels that you think your audience might like.
  • Elevate discovery: YouTube has many ways to promote your community posts so it can reach the right audience, and now your active viewers can see your community posts. you’re right there on their main feed, even if they don’t subscribe to your channel. Notifications will be optimized for viewers to receive without fuss as not all community posts will be notified.


3. How to create a Community Post on YouTube?

Firstly, make sure your YouTube channel has reached 10,000 subscribers to be eligible for Community Tab. Otherwise, you can just post comments on the “Discussion Tab” which only appears on your channel page but not on your fan’s feed. Meanwhile,obviously, not everyone has a lot of time to visit your channel, there is a high chance that your post will be hard to see.

Step 1: Sign in to your account on your YouTube account.

Step 2: Click the “Upload” button (the video camera icon) at the top-right side of the screen and select “Create a post.” or go directly to Community Tab in your channel

Step 3: Type your message into the text box and add an image, GIF, or video link.

How to create a YouTube Community Post 2021

Step 4: Choose the forms of post you want to create — video, poll, image, or post.


Step 5: Select “Post.”

How to create a YouTube Community Post 2021

You will now be able to see your Community Posts under the “Community” tab of your channel page.

4. 5 Tips for communicating with fanbase through Community Post


– Schedule a calendar for an upcoming event or release date of your upcoming albums

– Ask for your fan opinion about the next content that should be on your channel. People love giving their own voice.

– Encourage people to enable notifications

– Share some relatable gif or meme

– Shout out a special milestone (your channel birthday, reaching out 10k subscribers)

5. The last word

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